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A Sample Lesson from the Early Childhood Preschool Lesson Manual


Theme: Food

1. Hola
a. Sing and act out the song Hola (B-02).

b. Ask the children, “¿Qué día es hoy? What day is today? ¿Qué día es hoy?” Sing and act out the song Los días (B-02) placing special emphasis on today. Again ask the children, “¿Qué día es hoy?” Help the children determine the correct day and then mark the day on La Semana Poster (M-07) using the clothespin.

c. Say to the children, “Let’s see if we can describe el tiempo para hoy. Mira afuera.” Point to a nearby window and ask, “¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? What is the weather like today? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?” Ask for a volunteer to mark the phrase on El Tiempo Poster (M-09) that best describes the weather using the clothespin.

2. La fruta

a. Lay out a large rug. Hold up the Fruit Basket (M-12) and say, “Esta es una canasta de fruta. Adentro hay…” Take out each fruit, identify the fruit in Spanish, and have the children repeat. Place each fruit at the top of the rug in a horizontal row in the same sequence that the fruit is mentioned in the song La fruta family. Once all the fruit is on the rug, review the Spanish fruit names and have the children repeat.

b. Say to the children, “To help us remember the names of the fruit, we are going to learn a new song, La fruta family (B-02). Listen first, and then we will all sing together.” Sing the song slowly without the music. As you sing, hold up the fruit that corresponds to each phrase of the song. Sing the song a second time without the music and ask the children to join you. Then, play the music and sing the song again with the children.

c. Tell the children they are going to learn a new matching work. Hold up each of the Fruit Cards (M-12), identify the card in Spanish, and have the children repeat. Place each card in a horizontal row at the bottom of the rug. The sequence of the cards should NOT match the sequence of the fruit. After all the cards are laid out, point to the first card and ask, “¿Dónde va (fruit)?” Call on a volunteer to match the card to the corresponding fruit by placing the card directly underneath the fruit. Have the children repeat in Spanish the name of the fruit.

3. Adiós

a. When work is completed say, “Now that we are finished, we need to put our work away.” Tell the children they are going to say goodbye to la fruta. As you hold up each fruit, have the children repeat, “Adiós (fruit).” Then, put the fruit and the corresponding card away in a basket or on a tray. Place the matching work on a shelf and explain to the children they may do this work on their own.
b. Say to the children, “It is time to say adiós to our amigos tambien.” Sing and act out the song Adiós amigos (B-02).

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