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How Can Parents Reinforce the Spanish Language at Home?


Parents often want to know how they can reinforce the Spanish education their child is receiving. Reinforcement at home is an excellent way to ensure your child becomes fluent in Spanish. The more she hears and speaks the language, the easier it will be for her to become proficient. Two very important tools that will help you do this are the Listening Works and the Three-Part Card Works.

Listening Works- these works include story book CDs and songs that can be played in the car or at home.

Three-Part Cards- these are the least expensive works but provide the most vocabulary. Choose topics that can be incorporated into your daily routine. Clothing, Dinner Table, and Body are excellent themes to start with. Refer to the article, “How do I Use Three-Part Cards?” to learn how to do this work with your child.

During your daily routine try to incorporate the Spanish words your children are learning. For example, while they are getting dressed, refer to the articles of clothing and body parts in Spanish. While setting the table or eating, refer to the utensils in Spanish. Eventually, your child will assimilate the Spanish vocabulary into his everyday speech.

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