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How Do I Implement the Early Childhood Preschool Spiral Curriculum?


The Montessori Spanish Early Childhood Curriculum is designed to spiral across three years. The Lesson Manual is made up of 30 lessons organized under 13 themes. The most effective way to present the curriculum is to introduce a new lesson once a week to the entire class. The lesson will be new for the ‘first-year’ children and a review for the ‘second’ and ‘third-year’ children.

At another time during the day or week, give a lesson to the ‘second’ and ‘third-year’ children using the work appropriate for each group. To find out what those works are, refer to the Advanced Enrichment section after each theme in the Lesson Manual.

For example, in the Food theme of the Lesson Manual you will deliver a lesson to the entire group introducing “La Fruta Family” song and the Fruit Matching Work. Later that day or week, you can introduce the Food Three-Part Cards to the ‘second-year’ children. Then, you can give the ‘third-year’ children a lesson on using the action verb “come” (to eat) in a simple sentence.

All children are still working under the same theme but using varying levels of vocabulary and grammar skills.

The Montessori Spanish Early Childhood Complete Classroom Package includes all the materials for ‘first’, ‘second’, and ‘third-year’ children. This means the teacher can put out all three levels of work on her classroom shelves without having to share cards or objects between material sets.

The teacher should review daily using the works, cards, and songs the children have been introduced to. Daily reinforcement is imperative in helping the children retain what they have learned.

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