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How Do I Use the Montessori Spanish Lesson Manual in my Preschool?


The lesson manual is made up of 30 lessons organized under 13 themes. Each theme and lesson builds upon the previous one, so the most effective way to present the curriculum is sequentially. The lessons include an abstract and a detailed plan. The detailed plan explains what to say and how to use the materials to introduce the new vocabulary. All the lessons follow a basic format:

  • A greeting
  • A new concept introduced in Spanish/English/Spanish
  • A song to reinforce the new vocabulary and review previous vocabulary
  • A new work or activity modeled by the teacher
  • A farewell

Most themes include a section entitled Advanced Enrichment. This section suggests ideas and materials to extend vocabulary and grammar concepts for children who are ready to do more.

The Culture Theme consists of 5 lessons that may be presented intermittently during the curriculum. Each lesson pertains to a specific Spanish-speaking country. These lessons are an excellent tool to make the Spanish language come to life. The Culture Lessons consist of the following:

  • Examining pictures of landscape and housing
  • Listening to traditional music
  • Playing a typical instrument
  • Tasting a typical food

The most effective way to present the curriculum is to introduce a new lesson once a week to the entire class and then work with the children individually. The teacher should review daily using the works, cards, and songs the children have been introduced to. Daily reinforcement is imperative in helping the children retain what they have learned.

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