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Listening Exercises for Elementary


As children learn the words in different themes, use the vocabulary in a simple paragraph. Read the paragraph out loud to the children twice. Then ask questions in English or Spanish. The children should try to respond in Spanish. The following is an example of a listening exercise you could use once children are familiar with words from the Food and Animal Themes:

¡Buenos días! Me llamo Rolando. Tengo un gato que se llama Kitty. Mi gato es negro y blanco. ¡Kitty come mucho! Ella come pollo, pan, y ensalada. Yo tengo un perro tambien. El se llama Paco. Paco le gusta comer tambien.

What animals does Rolando have?

What are their names?

What does Kitty like to eat?

If the children are ready to hear questions in Spanish, ask the following:

¿Qué animales tiene Rolando?

¿Cómo se llaman los animales?

¿A Kitty, qué le gusta comer?

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