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How Do I Use the Sentence Work in my Elementary School?


The Montessori Spanish Sentence Work is used with children who have mastered Three-Part Cards. This work enhances listening, speaking, and reading skills by moving isolated words into complete sentences. It is not necessary for the children to know parts of speech to do this work. However, if a child notices the symbols on the Sentence Work and makes inquiry, briefly explain the black triangles are naming words and the red circle is an action word. The following are detailed instructions on how to use the Sentence Work effectively:

Set up: Place the sentence board at the top of the rug. Put all the control cards pertaining to a specific theme in vertical rows underneath the appropriate box. For example, if the control card represents a subject, it will go under the first box, if the control card represents an action, it will go under the middle box, and if the control card represents an object, it will go under the third box.

Stage 1: Say a sentence in Spanish and have the child place the appropriate card in each box.

Stage 2: Say a sentence in Spanish, have the child place the appropriate card in each box, and read the sentence.

Stage 3: Have the child create a sentence by choosing a card for each box. The child may then read the sentence.

Stage 4: Some children may be ready to write the sentence they have created.

When appropriate, the teacher may select cards from several different themes to allow for more creativity.

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