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How Do I Use Matching Works in my Preschool?


The Montessori Spanish Matching Works are used with children who are at a beginner level. This work engages three senses: hearing, sight, and touch. As the child hears a word, she sees and touches the concrete object. When the child hears the word a second time, she sees a picture of the object. When the child hears the word a third time, she connects the picture to the object. For a greater challenge, have the child say the words as she matches the pictures to the objects.

How to Use Montessori Spanish Materials in your Preschool and Elementary Classrooms

All of our materials are high quality, full color, and ready to use. The cultural materials are handmade in their respective countries.All the materials are based on two fundamental principles:Repetition aids memory.Children learn from concrete to abstract.The five categories of materials are Matching, Card-Placement, Three-Part Card, Sentence, and Culture.Matching Works:Matching is used with children [...]

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